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„Deutsche Fachgesellschaft für Reisemedizin“ is the German Academic Society for Travel Medicine and represents German doctors who are interested or active in travel medicine and its associated topics.

The society has set up some of the following goals:

  • Improvement of travel medicine consultation and medical care for travelers and expatriates
  • Development and implementation of travel medicine guidelines in Germany
  • Development of quality standards for travel medicine consultation and for assistance medicine care
  • Integration of travel medicine related topics into medical education of students and post-graduate education of physicians and other medical professionals
  • Development and accreditation of a module based travel medicine curriculum for doctors
  • Implementation of travel medicine topics into academic research and postgraduate training
  • Cooperation with academic medical centers related to travel medicine research
  • Creating public awareness about travel related health risks and about travel medicine consultation in Germany

The German Society of Travel Medicine has almost 1,000 members.
The yearly membership fee is 90,- €

Included in the membership fee is the consignment of the bi-monthly travel medicine journal „Flugmedizin Tropenmedizin Reisemedizin“, where you will find travel medicine related articles and publications, also from other academic societies.

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